The Humanity Alliance identifies, acquires, and implements small-scale pilots using products and services expected to deliver financial, social and environmental benefits to community-based organization (CBO) and their clients.  Under the direction of the CBO leadership, and their funders, a third-party will confirm the benefits against the investment in the new product, or service.  

We will measure the impact in order to learn, disrupt, and serve, with the goal to challenge traditional thinking about resource constraints.

The Humanity Alliance will shine a consistent light on a new way to disrupt; providing an opportunity for ALL to benefit – community-based organizations, funders, innovators and entrepreneurs.  Timing is perfect for a new self-sustaining model.

The Humanity alliance innovation ecosystem


Our focus - basic human needs, food, health and water

The Humanity Alliance is a non-profit that connects disruptive innovations in food, health and water within undeserved communities that have a significant unmet need; delivering a financial, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders.